Missed something? BIOPharm Podcasts feature 2 full days of convention coverage

June 20, 2008

If you weren’t able to come and join us this year BiopharmInternational.com has done a fantastic series of podcasts live from BIO 2008 covering manufacturing strategies, outsourcing, vaccines, industry trends, and emerging technologies.

podcasts at the BIO 2008 International Convention
features two full days of coverage


BioPharm International Podcasting – Stop by Lobby A for live coverage

June 19, 2008

BioPharm International Podcasting

BioPharm International’s live podcast series at the BIO 2008 International Convention will feature two full days of coverage on Wednesday June 18 and Thursday June 19, 2008. Stop by the podcasting area in Lobby A and enjoy live coverage from the BioPharm International Editors. See the schedule of live interviews in your BIO program on site or visit: