Did you miss a session or speaker? Order Online Session Recordings

Did you miss a session or speaker?  Order Online Session Recordings to learn how you can experience them as the happened and captured in digital/video with slides and handouts!

Visit the BIO Live Learning Center at http://www.softconference.com/bio/


3 Responses to Did you miss a session or speaker? Order Online Session Recordings

  1. Ping-chuan Chen says:

    Dear Sir

    I had ordered the online seesion. But i dont know how to access and download the materical. I also forget my account number. My redistration number is 301018. Would you please let me know how to reslove. Thanks for your assistance.


  2. megabioroi says:

    CD Roms and online recordings will be distributed to those that purchased them by the end of July. If you have not received an email or your CDs in the mail by early August please email speak@bio.org for more information.


    Pitty that the actual BIOCOM 2008 convention was so expensive, particularly for the recently unemployed Biotech worker.

    I would have liked to have gone, but I could only afford to go to the Bio career fair which was pretty badly run, with an awful system of uploading your resumes to a website prior to visiting the vendor booths, once at the vendor booths nobody from HR was even present for the vast majority of vendors, and most people were to go home to look at the jobs online and apply there.

    Ironically the only computer in the room being used for jobs searches, was at the FDA booth. Good Job FDA!

    The Biocareer website even gave us a Resume number, did any vendor or entrance person ask for this number? No! they all wanted us to apply on line when we got home!

    (Which begs the question — maybe I should have just stayed home and applied online)

    I guess the Bio career fair was useful, to the vendors at least as a warmup for smoozing with the big biotech/pharma players.

    However for me and my 10-12 former layed off co-workers the BioCareer fair wasn’t very productive.

    Better luck next time 🙂

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